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Two of My Favorite Words - Maui & Chocolate

Did you know Maui grows cacao? I did not! Did you know you can go to a tasting room at the cacao farm and sample the chocolate - just like sipping fine wine? What a concept! I'm in! Ku'ia Estate Chocolate is in Lahaina, next door to Star Noodle if you are familiar with that other icon. But- thank you to proper social distancing, we can't go.....

We have been enjoying Maui in different ways lately. So get a load of this - a virtual chocolate tasting session by the owner of Ku'ia Estate Chocolate via ZOOM. I did not expect to have so much fun! As a donation to the Maui Food Bank, we signed up and had the chocolate samples delivered by a friend. She said she did "just in time" delivery, not trusting us to wait for the ZOOM session! Knows us well.....

We connected with ZOOM video and audio and lined up the chocolates. We teased the group and said we ate them all already!

Dr. Gunars Valkirs the owner of the farm took us through the history of his farm and sourcing chocolate from other areas of the world until they could develop their own Maui grown crop. Then we tasted - flavors like Dark Chocolate Mango. They grow their own mango for this chocolate right on the same farm. Pure Maui grown dark chocolate is sweet with a hint of an Apple Variety banana flavor inherent in the cacao. Among other flavors they have created is dark chocolate lemon grass which along with the mango - were delicious and our top choices. Yes, it was a hot day and I was having a bad hair day, but so what-- I had chocolate and that chocolate was GREAT!

We struggled to work through all the flavors (joke)- it was a tough job but someone had to do it. We learned a lot about chocolate and this new product for Maui, and were taken away by the fun of a novel ZOOM call.

On to the next adventure, from upcountry and Napili "stay-cation"

to....hmmm not sure where the next spot is.... check back!


#Art in many forms including #Mauichocolate can be enjoyed with #Socialdistancing and benefit a #goodcause like #Mauifoodbank. #Getcreative. #Workfromhome attire could have been hidden, just #turnoffthevideo. And your #husband s #camera.

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