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"Heart of Lahaina"

People's Choice Award 2019

Heart of Lahaina Hanging in Gallery.jpg

People's Choice Award--Lahaina Poster Contest.  Gallery visitors were asked to pick their favorite entry.


High noon at the Old Lahaina Courthouse with the 148 year old Banyan Tree in the heart of Lahaina.  Its bark is covered in hearts- some man-made by young lovers and many naturally woven via the aerial roots hitting the ground and growing into new trunks.  Cheeky Mynah Birds enjoy the shade, its red berries (figs) and flock back to the tree every sunset to herald in the evening in the harbor with gusto!. Sit in its shade, enjoy the harbor view, and a wisp of a breeze, and understand their delight.


Original Oil on canvas: 18 x 24

$3100, with floating frame

"Lahaina Paradise"  

People's Choice Award 2018

"Lahaina Paradise" 20 x 24 oil painting

People's Choice Award--Lahaina Poster Contest. Gallery visitors were asked to pick their favorite entry.


Sunset's kicking off a fun evening in Lahaina with the people in the streets and in "Cheeseburger". An iconic landmark, so fun to paint! Lavender under painting to highlight the twilight colors of the coming night.


Original Oil on canvas: 20 x 24, sold.

Limited Edition Giclee available

Limited Edition signed giclee print on watercolor paper

size:  10 x 12

Price: $130.  S&H $20

Order yours TODAY!

"Keokea Mist"

Mahalo Show- Best Use of Technique

Keokea Mist.jpg

Mahalo Show Award 2018


" Keokea Mist" --Morning mist rising from the hills and fields of Keokea, Maui upcountry.  Radiant pastel-tones colors blended for the uplifting mist.


Original Oil on linen board 8 x 10: $480, unframed


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