Maui Photo Contests

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June 2020 Winner was Tricia Coe!

Contest Photo by Tricia Coe

"Grandma's Point" 

Final Painting " Pearly Reflections at Grandma's Point" on Keawakapu Beach

The family purchased the final painting as a gift for their parents, since it was the spot their Grandma loved.  She rested here during her walks on the lovely beach.

MAY 2019 Winner Was Selected By YOU- my followers.

Winning photo submitted by the Rishel/Newman Family and they took the painting home!

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Reference Photo-  Infinity Pool at the Andaz- Maui

Painting In Progress...

Time-lapse video of my sketch with the painting in progress to work on the rhythm, layout and composition of what will be the final painting.  You can see how I add and subtract imagery until I'm satisfied with the final result.  Then... on to more painting!
Final Painting-"Infinity Sunset- Maui"

2021 Contest:  Call for Entries to come

Details:  Send me your favorite Maui Scene by last day of April 2021. Easy to do! Reply to my newsletter and attach a photo. Or click the button below. I'll pick my top images, and in MAY I'll send out a "cast your vote" newsletter for YOU to vote for your top pick. [Hint: Invite your friends to subscribe to my newsletter so they can vote and increase your odds to win!]  Click Here to Subscribe

Then what?

In JUNE I'll announce the winner and start painting it.  The person who submitted the photo will receive a complimentary giclee print on watercolor paper,- with bragging rights, and have first dibs on purchasing the original painting- HALF-OFF Price. If the winner does not choose to buy, as of July it's open to all comers, regular price.


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