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Maui Photo Contests

"Bring Your Creativity to Life!"

2024 Contest:  Entries submission is not yet open, check back in March 2024!

Time to submit your BEST MAUI PHOTOS!!!!  FUN!  EASY!  Revisit your best Maui memories!

Details:  Send me your favorite Maui Scene by last day of March 2023. Easy to do! Reply to my newsletter and attach a photo. Or click the button below. I'll pick my top images, and in APRIL I'll send out a "cast your vote" newsletter for YOU to vote for your top pick. [Hint: Invite your friends to subscribe to my newsletter so they can vote and increase your odds to win!]  Click Here to Subscribe

It does not need to be a current photo but you or the person who took it has to give me permission to use it in future paintings. When you submit a photo this will be assumed. Look back on all of your amazing trips here to Maui and dream .  Pick one or two of your absolute favorites and send them on!

Then what?

In MAY I'll announce the winner and start painting it.  The person who submitted the photo will receive a complimentary giclee print on watercolor paper,- with bragging rights, and have first dibs on purchasing the original painting- HALF-OFF Price. If the winner does not choose to buy, as of June it's open to all comers, regular price.

This is a great way to get a truly special, original oil painting for yourself!  And in the future I may paint your photo just for the fun of it- so if you check back to my gallery from time to time you may see it! 

Submit your photo today!

2022 Contest Winner
Keith Gibson submitted this classic Maui sunset from in front of the Wailea Beach Resort and won!
KIhei SUnset.webp
Painting: "Classic Maui Sunset" (only prints available)
Classic Maui Sunset.jpg

June 2021 Winner was Vika FittsMilgrim!
She took this amazing sunset shot at the luau on the beach in Lahaina and submitted it. I play tennis with her, and thought it should be submitted to the contest.  But I did not pick the winner...YOU did. The votes were tallied and she won hands down. 

Contest Photos by Vika FittsMilgrim

Luaua Sunset.jpg

June 2020 Winner was Tricia Coe!

She got all her friends and family to sign up and vote for her photo!  It worked!  She won.

Contest Photo by Tricia Coe

"Grandma's Point" 

Wiggers point (002).jpg
reflections at grammas point web
The family purchased the final painting as a gift for their parents, since it was the spot their Grandma loved.  She rested here during her walks on the lovely beach.

MAY 2019 Winner...

Selected by my followers.

Winning photo submitted by the Rishel/Newman Family and they took the painting home!

Reference Photo-  Infinity Pool at the Andaz- Maui

Painting In Progress...

Infinity Sunset Maui cropped 1.jpg
Time-lapse video of my sketch with the painting in progress to work on the rhythm, layout and composition of what will be the final painting.  You can see how I add and subtract imagery until I'm satisfied with the final result.  Then... on to more painting!
Infinity Sunset Final-web.jpg
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