Let Me Paint Your Paradise

I will create an original work of art that captures your memory of paradise. 

Did you visit the islands or another paradise location and not find the painting you were looking for?

Would you love a work of art to enjoy in your home made just for you? You will have a lifetime of enjoyment from a true original, and personally get to work with the artist.


I can work from your photos to your specifications of ANY location.

Attached are actual finished paintings for some of my clients.


Maui locations have the added plus of allowing me to paint on location--to develop the imagery that captures the emotional memory of your favorite place. (And it will likely have some Maui sand in it!  A true original!)

Contact me and we'll talk through the process.  Questions to explore include:

  • Size and vertical vs. horizontal orientation

  • Location of the image

  • Time of day

  • Reference Photos

  • Framed or unframed-hanging in your home


Prices start at $700 for 9 x 12 inches

Click on the photos below to enlarge, on mobile device, click and then swipe to see more images.


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Diane Snoey Appler, Wailea, Maui, Hawaii  1-408-314-1627  dianeappler@gmail.com

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and may not be reproduced without permission.

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