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Soooo--you Live in Maui- Where in the World Do You Vacation?

I've had folks ask me that and I always laugh. I don't want to go anywhere most of the time! But we have been anchored here due to travel restrictions, so Maui is to be enjoyed and savored. Stay-cations on Maui- we can't travel to other islands either without a quarantine.

A trip upcountry- as the crow files- is about 5 miles straight uphill from my studio, but takes about an hour to drive it. We found a great spot "Star Overlook" for us to celebrate my husband's birthday. With that change in elevation we went from 85 to 72 deg..... I was chilled, quickly located my hoodie, sheepishly showing you my shame. Maui-blooded I guess. It's a pastoral location sheep, horses and the cottage came with two cat greeters.

The sunset was a delight with my cold chardonnay and celebrating my husband's birthday.

The scene at full dark was dotted with lights showing the busier Kihei and Kahului areas. The scene looking northwest over Kihei with Olowalu in the far distance to the left of the wind mills. You can just make out the lights reflecting off the bottom of the clouds blanketing the West Maui mountains with the Dipper above.

The first night sky was too cloudy to see the stars, but on the second night the Milky Way and the constellation Scorpio popped out with the bright dot of Jupiter in the top left corner. (Iphone 11 Pro- what a device!)

Dawn came early and put on a show as we woke to cows mooing, sheep bleating, dogs waking and the roosters getting their songs aligned.

A walk before breakfast....

....a painting session...

...and another colorful sunset. We talked story with friends into the night and really felt a world away. The quiet was different, more deep, and with the cool night air it was refreshing.

Definitely want to experience more of Maui during this quiet time and we vow to go back to this spot again. Of course- I have to complete my painting (barely started but I got it sketched in and will work from my photos) or maybe another trip upcountry. The scene will stay embedded in my mind. A true delight.


#Mauiartist #dianesnoeyappler takes a #pleinair #staycation #upcountryMaui and thinks she is #freezing at 72 degrees F. #Milkyway abounds, #scorpio can be seen and #jupiter is winking at us all from the #starlookout #cottage. Its another glorious day in #mauiparadise.

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Thank you for reminding me why we’ve returned to Maui annually for the past 15 years. The air, the quiet (particularly on the mountain), friends we’ve met, the friends we will meet, the wonderful food we’ve eaten on the beach, in parking lots, and in local restaurants. The way we slow down while we’re there. The beautiful art we’ve shipped home and the wonderful artists and photographers we’ve met. I hope we can return soon.

Diane Snoey Appler
Diane Snoey Appler
Oct 18, 2021
Replying to

I hope you have had a chance to come back. Maui is doing ok, Covid is on the run, and we are at that shoulder season with great weather and fewer crowds. We even returned to the hideaway upcountry again a few months ago and it was again a delight. I got some painting in! Sending aloha!

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