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Maui Photo Contest WINNER 2023

Montage sunset 2023.jpg
"Montage Sunset"
submitted by Nancy Adrian

Here were the Finalists for 2023 in case you missed them!
Hover over the image and you'll see the title, and clicking the arrows at the edge of the photos will let you scroll through the entries.
Click on the image to see the full size version.

Top 6 entries will get a choice of a gift - pack of my notecards of Honu or 2022 edition of scenes.  I will be reaching out to you!

Top Six:
Montage Sunset - Winner
Milky Way Over La Perouse - Steven W.
Palm Tree Shadows- Wailea - Susan DeW.
Symphony of Clouds at Sunset - John M.
Jaws - John M.
Ahhh Maui - Tami T.

Mahalo to all of you fantastic Maui Lovers who submitted your favorite photos. 

Stay tuned for my paintings to follow--- I'm planning on painting a few of these for my enjoyment and maybe yours!!

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