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Stay-cation 2

Trying to get the most out of what is open on Maui and is safe...that is the goal! And see the places that are often a bit crowded, thus not easy for me to paint. Don't get me wrong, I love to demonstrate my paintings, but a busy beach day means a lot of talking vs. painting.

One of the most perfect of the Maui beaches is not very close to home- Napili Beach at Napili Bay, just the next cove south of Kapalua. We opted to spend the night and enjoy a little get away.

Can you imagine yourself here- with a practically empty beach- at 10 in the morning? Shimmering wet sand- love it! I never expected this! I walked and swam to my heart's delight.

I just finished some snorkeling. There is a reef about halfway out of the bay and it is easily accessible to see amazing kinds of fish. I had a whole school of tiny iridescent turquoise fish swim around me, I've never seen the likes of them before.

Enjoying the scene, I look for what will make the scene pop in a painting and sometimes I just take photos of different scenes and combine them to create my painting.

I focused on this point to the south, a classic outcropping to place in the painting, close up of some rocks and the palms and fisherman. And this panorama below will be a good reference for me if I decide to do a 12" x 36" scene- a size I love to paint in the studio. The water was the most gorgeous color- these are not retouched in any way.

A brief shower came by to say hello and then it was gone! But something lingered....

I started some sketching, nothing to show for the moment.... and off we went to dinner- one COVID safe spot we found is Merriman's on the point at Kapalua Bay.

All outside tables and an outside grill, too. We had plenty of breezy air and space to enjoy beverages, burgers and live music. It was a magical night, felt almost like life was back to normal.

A quick walk back to the hotel, and we caught the night view from our room at Napili Kai, full of lovely reflecting lights, and a deep indigo sky. A stunning scene for a nocturne painting.

Kapalua Bay is nearby and we hiked the next morning along the coast at Dragon's Teeth Trail (Makaluapuna Point). Windswept trees and beach at DT Fleming is in view as were the craggy rocks giving the path it's name. Looking north you see DT Fleming Beach, and the distant rows of Cook pines at the Golf course.

In the same spot but looking west you see the path and the "teeth"- and my handsome husband making sure I don't fall in..... I've painted from DT Fleming beach looking toward this point but had not hiked it.

We had a great hike and I of course took dozens of photos. Back at Napili Bay, tired out, I started my painting in earnest. Suddenly it was time for snacks at the Sea House Restaurant but dinner- Back to Merriman's we went. OK, I admit, I did more eating than painting this trip. I relished not having to cook! Or do dishes.

We love their torches! They dance in the breeze while the setting sun highlighted clouds. I hope you can feel the breeze and a bit of normal Maui....soon!

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