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I'm Back!

I hope each of you have a chance to get back to Maui this year. Maui businesses are mostly open and my exhibit at the Wailea Beach Resort has restarted. I will exhibit twice a month until we are able to expand our days at the hotel. My display collection is a bit smaller, so I encourage you to check out my website and if you see a painting you like and want to see it more closely, tell me and I'll bring it along. I'm happy to have you come visit the painting at the resort or my home gallery/ studio.

Each month I'll feature four large works (reproductions or originals) and 4 small original paintings, plus a selection of prints and tiny treasure 5x5 original oil paintings The "tinys" are just the right size for a bookcase shelf or to brighten a small space, or start your originals collection. Here is more information on my showcased art: