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I'm Back!

I hope each of you have a chance to get back to Maui this year. Maui businesses are mostly open and my exhibit at the Wailea Beach Resort has restarted. I will exhibit twice a month until we are able to expand our days at the hotel. My display collection is a bit smaller, so I encourage you to check out my website and if you see a painting you like and want to see it more closely, tell me and I'll bring it along. I'm happy to have you come visit the painting at the resort or my home gallery/ studio.

Each month I'll feature four large works (reproductions or originals) and 4 small original paintings, plus a selection of prints and tiny treasure 5x5 original oil paintings The "tinys" are just the right size for a bookcase shelf or to brighten a small space, or start your originals collection. Here is more information on my showcased art:

"Morning on Keawakapu Beach" is an original oil painting 24 x 36 inches. Here I show it as a wonderful addition to a master bedroom. Wouldn't you love to wake up to this?

This is available as a limited edition giclee in just about any size you'd like, with a certificate of authenticity, and as a print on watercolor paper, signed by me.

"Aka 'Ula" (Red Sunset) is a limited edition giclee reproduction 36 x 24 inches, with vibrant colors of an amazing Maui sunset that was captured by my husband (he got an award for his photo). It's practically an abstract; the original was purchased by a Wailea family to add some color to their Villa entryway.

"Maui Cove Cottage" is also a limited edition giclee reproduction framed in a black floating frame and ready to hang. This was my "imagination cottage" and does not yet exist- but it could! Sun setting and calm waters for a relaxing evening to come.

"Reflections on Keawakapu Beach" 30 x 40 inches, might be retired in the next few years, sales have been great on this piece! Again it is a limited edition giclee

and when the series is gone, it's gone! I retire them. I have #6/50 ready for a home. The subdued colors and shimmering sand go with any décor. My collectors can attest!

"Makena Cove" 12 x 12 inches original oil painting has a plein air frame in dark wood. Also known as Secret Beach its one of my favorite places to paint and hang out. Hang this above your desk and plan your next Maui escape! Fish from the top of the rocks or just jump in as the locals do.

"Wailea Sunset Shadows" original oil painting is 8 x 10 inches and was painted from a memory of a happy hour staring at these banana plant and palm tree shadows on the creamy colored wall of the Wailea Beach resort. Yes, it could have been a classic Martini, with olives. Shaken.

"Sand, Waves and Shadows" 9 x 12 original oil from a morning stroll. I loved the way the waves made little cliffs in the sand and how it distorted the palm shadows.

And last, "Polo Beach Sunset" original oil 9 x 12. This is the south end of Wailea Beach proper and has also been the subject of many of my paintings. The light changes everything! The waves crash or they reflect, and the colors are like quicksilver shot with pink. Plein air painting into the dark of evening....the camera cannot grab this color of pink and it really was!!

We have our masks and hand sanitizer ready - my mask has my "Honu Keiki" image on it just for fun! On the far right I'm working on the upcountry view from my staycation this summer in Keokea.

Take care all and I hope you enjoyed this tour of my show this week. I'll be back with these works on April 5 at the resort. Remember, if on island give me a text/email/call and let's get together.

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