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Can't Get to Maui? Here is a Day in the Life.....

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Yep. I love clouds. Amazing shapes, colors, fluffiness or dense with rain. My clouds today-the wisps and swirls captured for use in a painting in the future... I love clouds.....

.....except when they are part of a hurricane creeping its way into our world.

Hello Hurricane Douglas- I'm located at the "H" in HST on Maui. My husband and I were sweating it- bringing in furniture from the porch. It might wash away the garden and fruit trees, damage our home or family. We'd hate to go to a shelter if needed due to COVID-19. Sheesh. Stop already!

And true to form of most hurricanes that come our way every summer, this one was diverted.

The trade winds did their work and sheared the formation back a bit, and the two large volcanoes we have block its winds so it passed us by. Light drizzle for about an hour, NO WIND. I'm at the blue dot here. Amazing. Fingers crossed we don't get any others coming this close for the rest of summer.

Back to normal pursuits- well, as normal as they can get in these pandemic times. Baseball!

We watched our first baseball game of the season on ESPN, SF Giants vs. LA Dodgers. The adaptations the networks did and the stadium adjustments really helped you forget you were watching a game with no crowds (thank you cheering sound track and cut-outs of people in the stands). Commentators tried to give a home field advantage play by play.

No game would be complete with out my trusty chardonnay and popcorn. It was a great relaxing moment to enjoy some sports so long denied, and a relief to see the sun come out with Hurricane Douglas at bay!

We took a walk around the neighborhood to stretch our legs and other than a few flowers blown off the Plumeria trees, we were untouched. And as part of the routine, the trusty neighborhood cat came out to meet us and get her petting. Faithful Bindy.

How was your Sunday? Aloha!


#Mauiartist #DianeSnoeyAppler tells the story of a #baseballgame Sunday that came with a pregame twist in the form of #hurricaneDouglas . She loves #clouds but not #hurricanes. And the neighborhood cat #bindy.

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