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High Surf, Swaying Palms and Food!

I participated in the Whales Tales event to show my art in Kapalua, and it was a nice event, some new sales and met some fine people. We opted to stay two nights since this was a two day show for me. We stayed in Napili Bay condos called The Mauian.

The view on the bay was fabulous, the condo room was boxy, basic cement block, and quite dated, but it was the best deal we could find given the current hotel prices. The surf was high! We had the surf hitting the shore sounds all night. In the morning, there were shells and sand way up in the lawn!

Dining at breakfast (twice) was the Sea House, right next to the Condo, and this was the view. The food was great as was the service. Ample, reasonably priced and very tasty! Here I am with John enjoying a breakfast bowl on the patio watching the waves go by.

Dinner post-event was an adventure; we had to make reservations far in advance due to the Whale event, and not stop by and "see" before making our decisions. One decision was excellent and the other - not so much. (In my opinion)

The Pour House should be called the 'POOR house' since you will be afterward. Price fixed meal at a little over $100 pp and I can't tell you want I had, though it was tasty, unique, Italian cuisine, but small portions, 4 courses and only a rare few were gluten free for me. One Martini was just under $30. Did we go back? No. Will we ever go back? No. It was overall nice in the ambiance and attentive - but awkward - service. I felt like I was sitting in the middle of the dance floor. And I was still hungry.... and tired after a long art show day.

Back at the Condo the palms were happy in the breeze and it was so lovely to sit on the deserted beach and just 'be' after a busy day.

The best dinner choice we made was Taverna, at the Golf Course in Kapalua the next evening.

We were in the breeze inside the restaurant next to the vast windows looking out on the torches and golf greenery with tall Cook pines.

The service was great, prices reasonable and delicious - seasoned olives for a starter and I had a steak Filet with a lovely assortment of vegetables with a savory sauce. Chardonnay wine was also available by the glass and served nice and cold, the way I like it.

This is the interior shot with the bar area in the background; it has a few TVs for the sports fans and one lady was relaxing there, sitting and reading a book. It's a nice, rustic appearing atmosphere.

If you are in Kapalua and want fine dining at reasonable prices, this is the spot.

No trip to Kapalua area would be complete without a stop at the Burger Shack. This was lunch the next day and just before the drive home to Kihei. The Burger Shack is part of the Ritz Carlton Kapalua and sits right at DT. Fleming Beach.

The BEST burger with a view around. Yes, this is the view from the table. John's burger was huge.

Speaking of burgers, my next post will be the search for the best burger on the island. I'll compare and contrast your options. But, I'm just sayin', this Burger Shack hamburger is going to be hard to beat. But I'm willing to take on that challenge!


Artist's treat after a long day cooped up in a exhibit hall is #finedining and #burgershack #taverna take the cake! #Artshow on #maui #Kapalua for a weekend, I don't want to drive back and forth so we stay over #theMauian #kapalua and #napilibay. #Staycation #makethebestofit.

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