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The Quest Continues- The BBOM!

Updated: 6 days ago

My quest for finding the Best Burger On Maui (BBOM) started last month. This will be an ongoing blog post which will update as I sample new dining establishments. None have me judging the buns - I don't order them with buns, even if they have gluten free...I save my carbo room for fries! And the ambiance is important as well, so I'm including that point for my readers. Who will win this month? Read on!

Ho Hum Award:

Ko @Fairmont, Kea Lani, Wailea: Pool bar on lower level. Looks great! Tasted good.

No bun, that's the way I like it, lots of fries. Pickle, all the toppings, ketchup. It was a good meal. But it was nothing special. it was also $30. They got the medium rare part right. Not a fan of the lower level bar dining area. Kind of cave-like and dim. I won't be back. Just know there are better spots for a burger.

Maui Brewing Company Restaurant @Kihei:

Outside under the tents on picnic tables, or inside in more comfy chairs, your pick.

Maui Cattle Company beef, shaved red onion, 8 island sauce, butter lettuce, tomato, pickles, brioche bun - I removed the bun. No sides included with it. And it was overcooked every time I ordered it. $16.50 Tasted pretty plain and a bit dull. It's not bad.....if you want fresh beer. It was not going to be an interesting photo so I did not take one.

Upcountry Sausage Company - a food vendor @ Mahalo Brewery Kula.

They do great sausages, stick to the sausages. It was a fine burger, tasted great, fresh, lots of veggies, chips on the side, $15. Photo would have been a mess since my husband and I split it with no bun....I'm not showing it.


Has Merit: I'd Order Again

Gather on Maui @Wailea Golf Course: A burger that comes with some side cups of toppings you can add - mushrooms, sauce, onions, Guac., etc. First time, it was not warm. Second time it was not rare. Third time was perfect. It's a new restaurant so I gave them a few chances over different visits. Now with Wagyu Beef. $26 The view and new decor are great. It is fine dining with an ocean view including Molokini and the Gold Course from the dining room or dining porches.

Tommy Bahama @Shops of Wailea: 

The burger here is a conundrum. Lunch only menu has a burger. And Happy Hour has sliders. (The Beef Sliders are excellent at happy hour, they move up to the "Now We Are Talking" category [2 @ $12], as does their special burger they had this past spring with a great sauce and mushrooms. Yum! That version, if they ever have it again 'Lunch Menu only', is great. I had it three times....)

But Lunch: It looks like any other basic burger and tastes like it, though it is Hawaiian beef. Which is a plus. I did not give it a photo either. Medium rare is flavorful but I've had to send them back to get them redone to get my temperature right. Fries are good. $25. Nice, lively Tommy's vibe and an airy porch for dining, excellent service and bar staff.

Havens @Kihei at the Shell Gas Station:

These folks got an award in 2022 for the best burger on Maui so of course I had to try it. Yes! The burger is good, I had an Umami Burger, mushrooms, bacon jam, some bleu cheese. with a side of fries, $19.50. Juicy and messy and very tasty. BUT - you have to take it to go, you do not want to sit at the tiny counter adjacent to the inside of the gas station convenience store to eat it! And you don't want to drive far because you want it warm. The environment left me unsatisfied despite a good burger. I'd pick any of the others over this one in my opinion, unless I needed take out. No photo.


Ahhh: Now We Are Talking!

There are a few in this category! I'll have their burgers anytime. Hmm. How about now?

Nalu's South Shore Grill @Azeka Makai: Kihei

Local Angus grass fed beef cooked medium rare, no bun, side greens included, toppings were lettuce, tomato, pickle special aioli, and I added cheese, and avocado. House made potato chips. They offer gluten free buns. It's a local spot with a local vibe, well run and always good. No view, except the chickens that run through from time to time. Open air.

Served rustic on a platter by bartender Haley with a big smile and hello. It was delicious. A great tasting solid burger. With my add-ons - $19. (not including the Mango Mimosa I had...)

Monkeypod Kitchen @Wailea Gateway in Wailea

Who has not been to Monkeypod? Known for their Lilikoi Foam Mai Tais. Maui beef, Dijon aioli, sautéed onions, fontina cheese, vine-ripened tomatoes, butter lettuce, house-made quick pickle and a dollop of house made kimchi.

This is the kicker: It's always perfect. Always. No fries includes but you can get them added as a side. We get the Garlic Truffle and Parm. fries for the table as an appetizer. Wow. So good. Every. time. $19 ( without fries) It gets noisy in the restaurant so we sit out on the side porch, chairs are a bit hard outside, there is a nice pond water feature, and a bit of an ocean view from the porches. Service is always good. My husbands FIRST CHOICE!

Cool Cat Cafe @ Kihei:

The classic diner from Lahaina has reopened in Kihei by the Regency Movie theaters. It's a diner-style layout, but big. Booths, tables, high tops tables, and a bar.

It has every combo of burger you can imagine. I decided on the Luna Burger, no bun, but they do offer gluten free. No sides but you can add fries to it. I did a basket of fries for the table, there were 6 of us in total, and we still had French fries left over. Big basket and big burgers. We were full. Everyone enjoyed their meal, be it burger or fish tacos or loaded baked potato. Luna Burger - cheese, bacon and avocado, with thick tomato slices under the lettuce. A thousand Island style dressing and some mayo, $17.50 Basket of fries $7.50 serves 6.

And they have adult milkshakes.....

Staff was efficient attentive and quick. Comfortable but not fancy, no view. I saw some outside tables but it was hot - no one was out there. The place had a great burger but diner-style vibe is not my thing. But the burger is swwweeet. I'd pick one of the other two burger choices before this one just due to the vibe.

The Birdcage Bar @Hotel Wailea:

Upon a recommendation, we decided to try this spot. The locale is quirky, its a Japanese grill of sorts. Key is you are surrounded by Lovebirds perched along the roof edge and they flutter around. They are wild, not planted there. Lounge atmosphere, chips served in a bird-themed vessel,

comfy chairs, a peek-a-boo view to the ocean from under the roof to the open air rail. The burger: we split it! It would be too big for one person IMO, no bun. Lettuce, Heirloom tomato, sauce gribiche, grilled onion, cheese - choice of kinds, and hefty serving of curly seasoned fries. It was an excellent burger $30 for the food, drinks were $22-25. Expensive but unique.


The BBOM !!!

Burger Shack @Ritz Carlton @D.T. Fleming Beach, Kapalua

I keep trying to find a better burger. But this burger, @burgershackkapalua with the combo of the outdoor dining tables under palm trees and sun shades, beach just steps away, full ocean view, waves crashing, breeze, and a few chickens going by, is the BBOM. They do a monthly special burger and they are great; I've tried a few of them. There are non-meat options and fish sandwiches.

(Me staring at the palms swaying in burger heaven) Burger with a side of French fries or sweet potato fries is about $30. The burgers are cooked perfectly, bun or no bun, gluten free is an option. All the toppings. Adult milkshakes and awesome Lilikoi Foam Mai Tais.

Yes, this is the BBOM. Because it is an hour drive away from my studio, we don't get there very often, thus the search goes on for the best burger, besides this one. But it really takes the award. You must go. Yes, you will spend $30 on a burger. I do not think you will regret it. Just think of it as $15 for the burger and $15 for the view. I created art at this spot! and click photo above. I was inspired!

Coming up: People have told me about these places with burgers they like.....

  • Manoli's Jaxson's Burger at $22....ditto

  • Burger Boys - Food Truck at South Maui Gardens if I'm feeling like "take out" variety of prices

Tell me which ones you like and why and I'll add them to my list to check out. Mahalo.


Local #Mauiartist has a #Burgerlove #tastebud and is seeking the #Best #Burger on #Maui. This will be an ongoing #Blog #Review. I can also #Changemymind as I go. The #BBOM #IMO is #BurgershackKapalua. #Mostunique is the #hotelWailea #Birdcagerestaurant.

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