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Every Other Month on Maui....

...I think I'll write about Maui food and drink.

I do love to cook but a happy hour snack is all I usually need and a place to relax after a day at my art show. I bet you do, too, after all your Maui excursions.

Kihei "Triangle" is legendary after dark for lively bars, dive bars, BBQ, and in the middle of it is "Dog and Duck", an Irish bar. It's not much to look at, and you might not want to go in at first take, but we did. This is the sign you'll see when you go in. OK, I love humor, so this place must be OK. Here is the "salad".

Friendly local Irish sports bar with a good mix of locals and visitors.   Super big TVs you can see from everywhere but not played too loud. It's not posh by a long shot, it's a local spot with cold drinks, reasonable prices and solidly good food.

We walked into an "almost empty" bar as a group of guys of similar age and dress walked out. It was about 3:30 in the afternoon. These lively ladies were at the bar enjoying some laughs and a few drinks, delighted we walked in. "We think we drove the guys away" they said with a giggle. They were sisters, Susan said, doing some visiting and enjoying Maui-time and did not want to cheers in an empty bar. Apparently the guys were the reps from White Claw and were conducting some taste tests.

That led to a conversation of

OHHHH you want to try some??

Nancy the bartender was super friendly and quick on the drinks.

We got a great taste test of a new drink, White Claw vs. High Noon, with tequila as the alcohol vs malt or vodka. Of course we had to close our eyes and taste-test our preference. Easy test, I like those!

We had great conversations. Nancy was the perfect bartender.

 By 4 pm I'm hungry. What do I pick in an Irish bar? yep, Shepherd's Pie. The Shepherd's pie did not disappoint.  Meaty, cheesy, ample mashed potatoes, with a side of garlic bread. Of course my chardonnay goes with everything. Their house wine was good!

By the time we were ready to go, the place was full and Nancy was keeping up with automatic delivery of the favorite beverage to the regulars as they came in before they even asked. All they needed to do was say hello - including a starter glass of water for the elderly gentleman on my right who came in with a white cane.

Chip came in with Logan (who does not need a leash but sports a fashionable collar) and we had a great chance to catch up. Chip is one of my art collectors; I did a painting for him a few years ago from one of his stellar photos. He pointed out my recent oil paintings he saw on Facebook and said how much he liked them and the depth of the work I've been doing. I appreciated the observations and the delight! I love to paint.

I always say living on Maui is living in a small town, you'll always run into someone you know and will want to have a chat, so make sure you make time. This day was no exception.

New friends, old friends. Off the beaten path of Wailea. Always good. Giving a shoutout to Susan from Oregon who kept us laughing the whole time. And Nancy at the Dog and Duck.


#Maui #irishpub called #DogandDuck is a #localgem and maybe a #divebar but a great spot for a #coldbeer , #Whiteclaw , #highnoon or even a #Barefootchardonnay . Say hi to Nancy the #Bartender for us when you go. Remember, no good story starts with a #salad.

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