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"Have Paintbrush, Will Travel"

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

In a former life - I did trade show booth hosting as the marketing manager for medical companies' products, my employers. I always called it doing "booth babe" duty: business suits, sore feet, long hours. Now I do it for myself- and the best part- I make the dress code rules! I love being the CEO-- my dress code is sandals and sundresses, lunch by the pool, and shorter hours. But do a business "trade show" Why? What for? Sure, I can sell some of my artistic tropical paintings to people at a meeting-everyone loves Maui, but there's more to it than meets the eye.

A hotel guest remembered me when she stayed at the Wailea Marriott. She liked my vibe and outlook on life and my art. She wanted to add a Maui marketplace to a local symposium she was helping organize and asked me to join in, for a fee- a 10% donation of proceeds to the non-profit of my choice. I'm in!

The symposium was IRF- Incentive Research Foundation, a think tank on how companies can most effectively reward high achievers in their company- many times putting together an event at resort destination, President's Club trip, etc.

Art fits right in- I gave examples of how I could help the company in their efforts to reward their employees through active experiences- live painting event- watch the painting unfold, raffle off the live painting piece, make copies for all attendees, gifts of signed prints marking the occasion of the event, and even a painting experience- a class at the event, a field trip to go paint a location, paint a piece of the final art! The story ends with a successful day of making new friends and gaining some new collectors- plus a lot of interest in my ideas of giving their audience an experience, not just a piece of art.

Do you have an event you are trying to create and make it a unique experience for all? Need custom gifts for an event? I can help make it a fun and memorable experience. Have the event on Maui? Even better! I have more ideas for you! "Have Paintbrush, Will Travel" Call me!

Another great #tradeshow of #paintingpleinair. I was greatful to #exhibit my #commissionart . Please check out my website at to see more of my originals and commissions.

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