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I Almost Forgot I Did a Staycation in Hana

Updated: Apr 15

Almost as soon as we got back home from a relaxing stay in Hana we had an evacuation order near midnight. Ever get woken from a sound sleep and try to figure out what is going on?? We had that kind of night the day/night Lahaina burned. I'm sure you can understand why I forgot about our staycation. I wrote the Lahaina disaster updates in my newsletters so I'm not going to cover it here again, but let it be said that the good news is the Banyan Tree looks alive! The town, not so much.

Hana! Sunrise view from the Hana Kai Condo we stayed in on Hana Bay. Love this spot!

The place is so quiet. The steady waves rolling in on the rocky shore make the rocks roll. Oh! Say that one three times fast. The sounds is a chatter and so soothing, I wish you could hear it. Hana Bay surf up close.

John and I went so I could do some paintings of this special place. It's so remote, you really do need to bring your own groceries and rent a place where you can make your own meals, and bring your own wine.... there is one restaurant in town open at any given time, I think they rotate...and then there are food trucks.

The drive to Hana takes you through tropical vistas and waterfalls along the road.

I only had two days in which to work so I picked my two favorite locations in Hana and got to painting.

Hamoa Beach:

I was captured on video by the friend of this person I was talking to, and lo and behold, I was on YouTube. Want to see it? click here John shot the still photo of me just before we decided to go back in for a swim.

Diane caught in the moment.

Finished painting: 9 x 12 inches

Wa'ianapanapa State Park:

The next spot I want to paint but ran out of time (since it is a reservation only park) is the Black Sand Beach. We walked along the rocky coast and I took a zillion photos for future creations.

And of course a selfie in a spot I painted a few years back at sunset. Here we are first thing in the morning.

An afternoon at the condo gave me a great start on another Hana Bay plein air piece and it's soon to be finished.... there are of course a few palm trees to be added to round out the composition. But it's still not quite done. Maybe in November! (A couple of commissioned paintings took priority in Sept. and October.)

We just enjoyed the evenings as the sun got lower and lower.

Since it was Friday, the farmers Market with the main attraction across the street for Hasegawas General Store. (Oldest family -run business in Maui, 4 generations). We people-watched as we dined at Hana Ranch Restaurant. Its not on the hotel grounds but is apparently managed by the hotel.

a farmers market in Hana overlooking the ocean blue tents and palm trees
View of ocean from Hana Ranch Restaurant

And we wandered around enjoying the flora and's a staycation after all!

Caught the fading light at sunset along Red Sand Beach, or Kaihalulu and Koki Beach.

All to be future paintings!

We enjoyed a leisurely stay and got an early start on the drive back to Wailea, to beat the oncoming "Road to Hana" traffic.

It's the quiet end of the island for sure.

2024 Update: I finished the Hana Bay painting: It is in Maui Hands Gallery at the Shops of Wailea ready to go home with someone.

Update #2: The Gecko from Hana has been captured in a painting as well!

"Peeking out From the Shell Ginger" 12 x 12 inches and is currently in my show at the Wailea Beach Resort.


#Hana #Maui is a lush tropical destination with some interesting #Beaches like #Hamoabeach and the #Blacksandbeach at #Waianapanapa and more! This #Painterofparadise has a lot to work with. #Geckos #Hanabay #Newpaintings. Enjoy the ride!

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