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A Short Drive and a World Away

As some background about my painting style, my paintings are mostly completed in the moment, live scenes I try to capture as they happen. I do work from photos to finish them, but the live elements are a necessity for me to convey the feeling in a finished work. This day, I was mid-painting and needed a visual refresher and break from the studio.

The concept for the commissioned painting was an upcountry scene, and spring is Jacaranda time in Kula and Keokea. Time to go for a walk and see. The Jacarandas were just starting to bloom in gentle lavender. I felt sure it would give me the feeling for the painting.

We walked a familiar road where I have painted before knowing I'd get my scenery-fix I needed to complete this painting.

winding country road in Keokea Maui Hawaii
Where are the horses?

Clouds dotted the blue sky and it was a glorious day for a walk along this narrow rural road. The fence on the left was usually adorned with a pair of horses, but not today. Straight ahead was a Jacaranda just starting to bloom, but the more distinctive color to the right of the road was orange. What is it? Time for a closer look.

country road in Keokea, Maui Hawaii
What is making that orange tinge to the trees?

There were rows of trees with these 3-5 inch long orange flowers, shaped like protea-pincushions. My plant-finder app said the were Silver Oaks (misnomer for sure since the grove of them was more like a fall scene with this amber to orange display!)

But! I had the complementary color for my Jacaranda. I sketched away!

A cloud blew through and it started to drizzle; I captured some ruts and puddles in my sketch but decide lunch was a better option at this moment!

Mahalo Aleworks was around the corner in Pukalani with Marlow Pizza next door for FOOD! You can bring their food over to your beer.... Sadly, Marlow's does not have gluten free crusts, so I had to pass. One of the brews was called "Dad Jokes" - caught my attention and a laugh so it was my brew that day- they minimize the gluten in their brews so I was good to go.

But food. I love food. And lo and! Simple offerings but the sausages were so tasty, and made to order. Mine was on rice as an alternative to the bun. Great solution. "Ze German" was a hit.

Stopping for food was a good idea as the rain started in earnest. We lingered and enjoyed the live music with Ashley Toth. Lovely singer. Creative! She puts her QR code for Venmo there so tips are easy. Yes, we tip.

I enjoyed the scenery as we left for home looking out over the West Maui Mountains making our way down Haleakala. Lots of atmosphere to recharge the artist soul!

View from Mahalo Aleworks, bicoastal ocean view and mountains
View from Mahalo Aleworks, bicoastal!

Back at the studio I made the final additions to the painting capturing the feel of the day, the fragrances in the air, the view vistas. I can't show the painting yet- it's still in transit to the art collector - he did not want to see it before shipping. Kind of scary for me, but.... ok!

Thanks for joining me on my day "a world away".


#mauiArtist enjoys an #upcountrytour in the spring to gather #atmosphere for a #pleinair #oilpainting. a fun #Lunch #Upcountry sausage and #beer at #Mahaloaleworks was a plus with #greatmusic .

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1 Comment

Thank you Diane for the pictures you send on your newsletter.

We sold our Maui place in 2021 after 35 years so it’s a joy to get your letter.

We also have some of your prints. I used to paint with the Plein air painters.

Boy we miss it.

Your work is lovely.



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