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Wind and Art- the Facts of Life

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Showing your art in the gallery is quite calm- once you have the pieces wired for hanging- a requirement- and framed suitably. Then there they sit and await a buyer to grab them off the wall- that's when you know its going to a good home! Easy!

But wait- there is more! The best place to really have a lot of viewers see your work is the weekend art fair under the Banyan Tree in Lahaina. As a member of the Lahaina Arts Society, you have that privilege...if you have the stamina and savvy.

Did I mention wind? The art fair is outside, no tents allowed, no pegs, in the elements, under a BIG tree, with birds and berries. All known hazards. But on a mild, sunny Maui day one point is not so obvious. Each artists I mentored with always told me to prepare for WIND and demonstrated their anchoring technique (bar bells, sand bags, water jugs)! Sudden gusts appear and away the canvases will fly and maybe get punctured.

Composition, color, value and hue, AND well anchored is the key to success in outdoor art fairs. As a plein air artist, this is one of the challenges you face when you paint. Many artists on Maui paint very early in the morning before the tradewids kick up just because of the wind.

And that person who grabbed the artwork to hold it up close, to see the sand that inevitably blew into the wet paint, to consider giving it a home? Well, she had to wait until I unwired it from the easels and cut the zip ties.It was worth the wait.

Yep, it was a windy day and I was well anchored, when painting and displaying it. I had success. Sold.

If you are visiting Maui Hawaii, you should take home a piece of #paradise with an original oil #painting or print of a #Maui #seascape.

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