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Updated: Jan 26, 2020

I'm fascinated by the spectrum of sunsets here on the islands. I rarely miss a sunset and I study the reasons why some are bright and vivid vs. dull and the sun slinks away. This light quality is fleeting-- but an amzing sunset is replaced by an even more brilliant spectacle many times before it is finished. I'm starting to try to capture the flavors I see as the sun starts to fade.

This was an exercise to get me started painting again in my new studio, my critical tools not yet arrived by container ship. I worked unabashedly from one of my favorite painters' work and tried to give it my own flavor. Sun is sinking a bit, revealing interesting shadows and a light is coming on.

Wind was a factor I had not counted on when painting here in Maui. My studio is on the windy side of the house. While the tradewinds make it very pleasant when it comes to brush cleaner fumes and heat, it can be a challenge when my hair blows in my eyes and sweeps easels to the floor. Understandable in the field, but in the studio?! Roll down shades that tie down have saved the studio.

I set up my plein air easel with umbrella- new addition to the above configuration for shade- and my trusty pallette and waited to see what kind of wind it could withstand as a test before I set out- without a wet canvas on it. It withstood a hearty breeze , but it was obvious that sheltered locations would be sought to paint on location- when the winds peaked- the umbrella soared!

A new work is started and will be a combo of plein air and studio work as I adjust to the climate. I'll post the new work very soon.

If #Hawaiian #sunsets excite you like many, then you will love my gallery filled with sunsets and #sunrises on #Maui, Hawaii.

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