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There's a Little Bit of Maui There

Vancouver, Washington is a blossoming town on the Columbia River. It's getting a facelift at the waterfront, transforming from industrial and ship building to a delightful park and trail along the river, with shops and dining.

The spring thaw made the river quite high and turbulent at times. Here, looking down at the at the waterfront, the public, floating dock shows, by the LACK of extreme slant of the walkway, that the water is moving and high.

I was entertained by the Mallards, and as I walked, the drawbridge was raised to make way for a sailboat. Imagine I-5 at rush hour....wait--- boat going through.......patience!

The May flowers were in full bloom and they were lush! Dogwoods! I had not expected them, my favorite tree when I lived in Atlanta many years ago.

Rhododendrons in all sorts of colors. Then the tiny Dianthus caught my eye. They made a thriving carpet of pink in an area of the park that was a low water area.

A delightful daily walk to breakfast and back to the hotel on the river; we stayed at the AC Marriott which had newly opened that fall. We could sit on the patio and watch the boats go by when we got tired of walking and needed refreshment. Or at sunset.

So why did the "Mauians" vacay in Vancouver? Moral support for my son and his wife- Nick was having his last surgery on his arm to take out a plate helping to mend his bones. Here he is with us and Nicole at breakfast two days after surgery.

Mom was grateful it went well and he's on the road to recovery. He was feeling relief!

To celebrate, we hiked up Beacon Rock overlooking the Columbia River gorge and had a fantastic day. The view...

And me and my art "Roadie" John.

The hike was followed by a relaxing day in the backyard visiting with my grand-chickens (Fanny and Mango, Fiona was camera shy that day), and simply enjoying the sunlight coming through the forest in their backyard.

But what about Maui? What was "Maui-like" there?

....This sticker in the park, and this little cutie in an office window when we walked by.....

And a brightly painted wall of the new Tiki Bar in Uptown Vancouver!!!

Simple things reminded us of home, grateful we could make the trek to the mainland and support our family.

But there is no place like Maui.

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