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Looking Back on Year 2021

I'm grateful to my collectors who have my oil paintings in their homes and offices. They come from all walks of life, all ages, and from around the world. It's fun to meet everyone, and bring joy to their world with the daily viewing of a painting of mine from somewhere on Maui. Thank you for the delight you bring me!

And... Thank you for the thank you cards- some even with tips! Wow!

Some came with the gift of sharing their art! The 100 yr. old mother of one of my collectors was actively selling her works and gave me her own handmade and hand embroidered tea towels!

Social media friends came to life with studio visits to make their purchases and we got to meet in person! Not everything you see on social media is fake news - I'm real!

Love doing studio and gallery tours even if I'm having a bad hair day, That's Maui!

I get to see where my art has landed. One collector from the UK bought the original "Lahaina Canoe Beach" since he could not make it to Maui thanks to COVID, and another has the same painting as a limited edition giclee on her wall in what she calls her "Maui Corner" complete with a lei.

Plus she totes me around with her bag creations using my images, this one is of Maluaka - thanks to Kathy's Impressions who has licensed my art for her fabric offerings.

I could not do what I do without the support of my family. John, my head "Roadie" helps me set up and take down my exhibit each week, working only for a beer or cocktail...

And of course the kids!

Wishing you all a wonderful 2022 with family and friends, and many trips to marvelous Maui !

With aloha! Cheers! ~ Diane
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