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Just Do It!

Not a motto only for Nike, but my friends and art collectors. We play tennis together and Sheryl and Michael are always perceptive, seeing ways to give back to the community. Be it help kupuna (our Hawaiian elderly) get registered and taken to their COVID-19 vaccine appointments, sewing face masks at the start of the pandemic, sewing little slings for the joeys and koalas who were burned out of their habitat in Australia during the big fires, or....

collecting and recycling the used tennis balls from our tennis center to keep them out of Maui's tiny landfill! . They read a story about a company in Vermont that recycles them for playground surfaces to keep the kiddies safer. Our tennis center had been saving buckets of them. These two champions did the heavy lifting and sent....

1700 to be recycled! What a job! Kudos to these two! Proud to call them my friends. Next time I'll help. This time I just got to see the pictures.


#Maui is a small island and #tennisballs are piling up. Frankly, there was not much else to do during the #pandemic but play #tennis you your #covid-19 #bubble #friends. #Recycle !

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