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Got Lilikoi?

The Lilikoi crop is coming in on the tails of the mango season. This is the best time of year in Maui with all my favorite fresh fruits now ripe.

The flower is intricate with layers of different petals- some are squiggles.

The addition of the lilikoi juice makes great Margaritas and wine coolers, or just add some sugar and water and ice cubes. Sweet and tangy- a key ingredient in POG.

You don't pick lilikoi, but wait until they fall off the vine. How easy is that? Unless they roll down the hill...They need to get some dimples on the skin after sitting a couple days, then slice them open, scoop out the seeds and juice. In a food processor, puree the seeds and you'll end up with separating the juice from the pulp and seeds. Strain and voila! Lilikoi juice.

We organically nurture them, I pick off the Gulf Fritillary caterpillars that love the leaves and flower buds.

Best part is my handsome husband helps with the processing and taking tender care of the vines so we have an excellent crop.

It can be a messy business...but a delight to enjoy!


A day in the life of #Mauiartist #DianeSnoeyAppler in #COVID19 making merry in the #kitchen with a #lilikoi harvest, taking a break from #oilpainting

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