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Cinder Cone Hike

I've looked at this mound of red cinders in south Wailea at the edge of the Makena State Park and never thought to climb it - but its doable - but whoooo - take walking sticks along since the way down is loose and slippery. The Pu'u Ola'i Cinder Cone Trail is a 2.2 mile moderate loop hike. When you are on the beach in Wailea-Kihei- look south for the cone.

Son Justin was able to make it to Maui for Thanksgiving week and a hike was just the thing he was looking for - before the massive meals...!

It's a dusty hike - see that terrain? But the views open up quickly. Justin at the top of the northernmost cone, overlooking Maluaka, the tail end of the Makena Golf Course, and the ancient fish ponds. Makena Landing is the far left shore.

It's not all desert-like and dry. But mostly. One gorgeous plant makes this its home, a native to Hawaii - Pua Kala -- Hawaiian Poppy, and the name means 'prickly flower'. Yes, it is.

To the south, you see Big Beach Makena and that gorgeous stretch of sand and shore with the La Perouse lava flow in the distance.

Success! John and Justin scaled the peak! We all achieved some calorie burn before the feasting begins.

#Makena area has some great #hikes. #Thanksgiving had us try #puuolai or the #cindercone trail. #mauiartist gets #familyfun and #exercise before the #feast.


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