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Busy Busy Busy! What Has Diane Been Up To?

First of all, welcome back to Maui! You have been coming to visit my studio and seeking me out at my shows! Thank you! Its been fun. So much fun that I had to stop taking any further orders for 2021 commissioned art. I'm now booked through February 2022. FUN for me!

I love painting your visions! I thank you all for your patience as I work on your creations. Here is a small part of one that's in process right now! Final size is 24 x 36 inches with people, dogs, waves flowers and a lifeguard stand.....

And the annual photo contest has wrapped up with the winning photo painting now available for purchase.

What's the photo about?

It was a glorious night at a beachside Lahaina luau with Lana'i in the sunset. The luau lights reflected off the palm

fronds giving them a bright glow in some areas when the light played over them in the breeze. Artistic liberty let me add some torches that were out of the field of view in the photo.

Tennis continues to keep me moving and offsets the hours in the studio. This spring I met some players at our club, new to me, and lo and behold, I discovered a second cousin I never even knew existed! On Maui... at the same tennis club. We both grew up on Michigan and made our way to Maui. With luck and coincidences like that I should have purchased a lottery ticket- I guess I still can! Here is me, cousin Greg and his wife Kathy. Both amazing tennis players. And of course my glass of chardonnay.

COVID kept us from visiting with all of our kids for a couple years, so we made up for it with a trip to Sonoma, California as our central gathering spot. Great times hanging out at the firepit enjoying the sunsets there. It could be a painting! Hmmmm... Maybe in 2022!

Refreshed and revitalized from California, I got my fill of all my cravings-I had my Chipotle burrito bowl, fresh steamed mussels and French fries, and hugs with all my kids. Life is good. Aloha.


#Mauiartist shared her past few months of #activities including #tennis, #oilpaintings, #commissioned art, discovery of a #cousin and #reconnection with her #kids and got lots of #hugs.

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