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Ahhh Maui....

We are within a week away from the travel re-opening. Maui has required a 14 day quarantine after arrival on Maui. As of the 15th of Oct. with a pre- flight test you can come out and play. Things won't change for me much since galleries will be slow to open, and I'll keep on cooking, trying new recipes. Painters are pretty solitary beasts when not at an exhibit.

Cooking will continue, and since it is fall, I decided soup was the thing, after all, its only in the high 80's. Here are two of my favs I made for the first time this month- both via the Instantpot: green chile chicken pozole- spicy and flavorful - full of fresh chopped veggies along with a savory sauce. Highly recommend it. Here are my results....

Second treat was Pho Ga. I love Asian cuisine, and this was a dish I tasted for the first time about 10 years ago and I had to ask for instructions from my colleagues as to how to consume it - broth, fresh veggies, chicken, tons of long, slippery noodles, LOTS of splashing.... you probably had the same experience.... I did not photograph mine, so I used the stock photo for the dish- it was amazingly good.

And at the end of the day we lounge around and watch the geckos as they consume their banana treats. The cats join in and I keep a careful eye on them so they keep their distance from the geckos. Boomer was not imbibing- I had to put my chardonnay down to take some gecko photos. Looks pretty bad tho....

Gracie (below) seems to have shed another egg. Our evening visitors now since February.

We also set up two other feeding stations for four others. Yes, we have a herd of geckos now. More the merrier!

Sending aloha you way!

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