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I Do!

It started with "I do" three years ago and Anne Marie was married to the nicest man she ever knew. Kevin, so in love, decided to re-enact that special day and make it a surprise for Anne Marie for her birthday. This is where I come in - I was able to participate in the surprise and help Kevin create the present, an original painting of the evening of their wedding.

Kevin and I discussed the details he wanted to make sure were included: her smile, the flowers, an amazing sunset, palm trees, footprints in the sand and cool waves.

With his help with wedding photos, and me driving to Kapalua to photograph and sketch the beach, we planned what would be included in the scene to re-create the memory of the evening. I always say, "I can fix that!" if the actual scene is not the memory...(add ocean waves, a sunset and include the memorable rock they were perched on - Kevin remembers trying like mad to not get Anne Marie drenched and washed way). That's what painters do.

My digital sketch was approved and off I went. Kevin and I emailed frequently and perfected the scene. Since they were going to be in Maui over the Christmas holidays, I suggested we do a surprise unveiling at my studio/gallery and toast with some champagne. I would work hard to have it completed by the time they visited the island.

And the surprise was complete! Anne Marie had no idea why she was meeting me and coming to my house until I opened the door and she saw my gallery walls. The picture was complete!

Kevin and Anne Marie were delighted! We toasted with some champagne and got to enjoy the deck and a few passing whales. COVID masks dropped momentarily for the photo op.

Happy collectors- happy me! Let me paint your vision! Come enjoy my studio/gallery in South Maui.


#Texas residents on an extended #Maui vacation stayed long enough to let me finish their #commissionedart inspired by #oneloabeach and the shores along #Kapalua #Maui. #weddingbliss and #champagne at my #Studio and #gallery.

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