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5 Stars!

A special getaway? Yes! Don't want to go far? Yes!

The Lobby Bar at the Four Seasons Resort! Yes!

This week we got our favorite spot right at the bar with the direct view of the property. Does it look familiar? Maybe...think of the show "White Lotus". They knew how to pick the venue. During COVID, the hotel was closed - except for the actors, staff and crew of the program. It was a bit of a local controversy, but with a sequestered team and strict COVID protocols they pulled it off. But I digress.... the bar was staffed by the lady bartenders this day and the cocktails were amazing as usual. Picture perfect below is the Kula Spritz. Refreshing and tangy. And the second one.... don't judge me...Was a Cucumber Smash. Oh so delightful. The bartender ladies shared some fizzy local Pineapple Wine from Maui Wine with all the bar patrons that day and it was surprisingly good!