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5 Stars!

A special getaway? Yes! Don't want to go far? Yes!

The Lobby Bar at the Four Seasons Resort! Yes!

This week we got our favorite spot right at the bar with the direct view of the property. Does it look familiar? Maybe...think of the show "White Lotus". They knew how to pick the venue. During COVID, the hotel was closed - except for the actors, staff and crew of the program. It was a bit of a local controversy, but with a sequestered team and strict COVID protocols they pulled it off. But I digress.... the bar was staffed by the lady bartenders this day and the cocktails were amazing as usual. Picture perfect below is the Kula Spritz. Refreshing and tangy. And the second one.... don't judge me...Was a Cucumber Smash. Oh so delightful. The bartender ladies shared some fizzy local Pineapple Wine from Maui Wine with all the bar patrons that day and it was surprisingly good!

They continually rotate the specialty drinks and sometimes make up new ones on the spot and let you give them a critique. It's fun and entertaining. They have a light menu for snacks and some nights Dim Sum in addition to their great sushi and Yukka Fries.

My roadie picked the Lobby Bar's version of a classic Mai Tai with Black Cherry foam on top. Pretty as a picture. I always tell folks I pay him for his art hauling services in beers, but sometimes ... sometimes it's Mai Tais.....I could not do the shows I do without him helping me with the heavy lifting.

Here we are, from the ocean's perspective.

And since we are not in any kind of hurry, we head to walk the grounds and enjoy the surf and sunset.

Another glorious day on Maui. The sun dipped low, I got my feet wet, - and the bottom of my dress... oh well, and the soft sand beckoned us to stroll along it and enjoy the view. The trip back through the lobby is always decked with great flower arrangements. I'm amazed they don't blow over! The lobby is a wind tunnel.

Ahhhh.... take the time to explore something delightful in your neighborhood. We did. Yes, we have an exceptional neighborhood, but I bet you do, too. See it from a new perspective.


#Maui #Staycations are the best, but if you can't be here, be in a place to #Love. #lobbybar #fsMaui #fourseasonshotel #oceanview #greatcocktails #amazingview #whitelotus Maui - No Ka Oi.

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