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"Heart of Lahaina" Wins the Hearts of Gallery Visitors

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

The annual Lahaina Poster contest was coming up in August and I was determined to have an entry again this year. Last year I painted the section of Front Street outside of the iconic Cheeseburger in Paradise building with an amazing sunset having a party in the background. It won "People's Choice Award" I was so pleased and proud! I worked so hard on it. It became a limited edition giclee print, since the original sold shortly after the contest.

(Below: "Lahaina Paradise", 10 x 12 Limited edition giclee reproduction on watercolor paper still available- buy here)

So what to paint? It needs to be a recognizable scene in Lahaina and suitable for the town poster. And a great work of art!

I posed the question to my social media friends and followers. Top suggestion was the beloved 150 year old Banyan Tree.

I completed a few quick studies to get the feel of the tree. I offered them for sale and most were snapped up, so I figured I had a winning subject! I set up my easel under the tree, sketched out my ideas in paint, and let the tree talk to me- what to put in, what to leave out. Critically required were the cheeky Mynah birds who have happy hour there singing with thousands of their friends every night at sunset.

The final painting was submitted and my fingers were crossed. Would lightening strike twice?

YES! Visitors voted my work again- 2nd year in a row!

"Heart of Lahaina" painted by Diane Snoey Appler , Peoples Choice winner in the 2019 Lahaina Poster Contest

"Heart of Lahaina" artist: Diane Snoey Appler --"People's Choice Award, 2019"

Lahaina Poster Contest.

Original oil painting, 18 x 24 in custom frame, $3000. Limited edition giclee prints soon to be available. Pre-order here

#Lahaina #Maui is one of the most beautiful places I know. I hope you enjoy this mix of #seascape and #landscape as seen from off the shoreline.

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