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"Lahaina Paradise"

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

"People Choice" award winner for 2018 was "Lahaina Paradise".

It was the most important win for me- I had a vision and dream of living in Maui and being part of the art community. I entered the contest last year with "Lahaina Canoe Beach" and got some attention with print sales being a finalist in the contest.

But this year, Gallery visitors voted for me as the poster of their choice during the first two weeks of the display time. The winners were announced mid month! I was delighted to accept!!

Limited edition prints are available via my SQUARE Store. The first run has sold. Do you want one??? Visit my web site and click "Buy Now".

I am proud that #Lahaina #Paradise was chosen as the #People's #Choice #Awards. See more Lahaina art on my website at:

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