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A Gift

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

My determination was apparent and my wonderful husband supported my passion in oil painting to really learn Plein Air and create my own vision of the world. Christmas brought me a gift. Classes with a well know artist who works in France and the San Francisco Bay area were set up for me from my husband as Christmas gift. Brigitte Curt was found, and had openings in her winter Plein Air classes. She taught us how to be portable, paint outside in the elements, and use the best material to aid our craft.

We painted in the Baylands park in the San Francisco Bay area and moved locations to vary the scenery. Some days were cold (we had to have a hat!) and I came home a "little bit" cranky, and some days got too windy to finish the work on site. The easel was like a sail at times. And somedays were warm and tranquil as depicted in this piece "By the Pond". Her influence is easily seen in my work under ther guidance, as captured below.

Classes started with a demonstration of her interpretation of the scene and which pieces she chose to honor. This was typical of the work she did in class with dozens of student eyes upon her: "A Dynamic Sky" by Brigitte Curt, below.

The canvas is small, the brushes are insanely large, but yet the application of color is delicate. I have so much to learn. Practice, practice, practice.

If you enjoy #impressionism art, you might love these colorful #California #landscape #oil #paintings.

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