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Where Did the Months Go?

February started out great (foreshadowing) with loads of house guests coming and going all month into March. Extended family from across the globe! USA -Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Colorado, Arizona and Australia - a place called Frogmore. It was great to see everyone and enjoy quality time with each group.

I enjoyed new adventures with family- Here was the farm lunch tour at O'o Farm in Kula. So yum... I was hosted by my sister-in-law, it's very scenic, pastoral and interesting if you are a foodie like me! And tasty!

And we got a shuffleboard table for the deck- it's been a rainy winter so it was a welcome respite on these days when we could not go out and about.

But days we could enjoy the sun and sand included Makena Cove, my favorite place to paint. Look familiar? Look at that water color! I tell folks I do not make this stuff up. Unretouched. My husband's sisters, a family hug.

Part of the reason to gather was to celebrate the engagement of the Aussie couple, niece Kirstie and her fiancé Andrew. Chef Hilary, the amazing cook with assistant Tim, were our chefs for the group that night. I turned over my kitchen to her and Tim. (Hard to let go...) They made an amazing meal for the large group with plenty for me to repurpose the next day for this big group as lunch. Delicious, gluten - free no problem, and so friendly and professional. We highly recommend her for a local Maui gathering. The Asian style Soba noodles side dish she is serving in the photo were the BEST. I'm going to try to mimic them.

They love where the get to work - in our view! Here is the pair mugging for the camera.

Yes, more food- a few days later we had lunch oceanside at Kimo's in Lahaina. It was terrific as always - I DID NOT GET A HULA PIE! I did take the picture of my sister-in-law and nieces and of course my husband, my roadie. Boats bobbing in the harbor, surf rolling in, fresh breeze. potent Mai Tais. Ahhh.

Additional outings with more extended family, and yes, more food. This time at Humble Market Kitchin at the Wailea Beach Resort. a favorite of ours for happy hour.

And February ended great.... looking at the bright side. Son Nick had a big snowboard accident at Mt. Hood, Oregon on Super Bowl Sunday (and broke all of his arm bones). BUT after three surgeries, family prayers, some metal plates and a supportive wife, Nicole, he's well on the mend and progressing well with physical therapy. This is not a shot a mom wants to see when she is across an ocean.

I'm asked often if I ever feel isolated on Maui. And I usually say nope. But even in the crowd of family visitors for the month, and a lot of phone calls and text messages from Nick and Nicole, I can say this was the most isolated I ever felt. I was a long way away from this hospital bed. I was slightly reassured by the thumbs up. OHSU in Portland was outstanding in their care and treatment of this guy, that was reassuring.

Accidents happen, and great family engagements happen. Sadly, sometimes all at the same time.


#Mauilife full of fun and visitors, #happycouples from #frogmore and #sad #events on a #snowboard. All is #life. Memorable #family occasions made better with #ChefHilaryBarsby #Thehealthychef, #personalchef, #humblemarketkitchin, #kimos, #Hulapie, #OHSU and #wonderfulfamily. And Shuffleboard #hudsonshuffleboards.

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