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What? No Dessert?

It started with a evening of pupus ( Hawaiian word for appetizers) on the deck at a neighbor's house. My friend and her husband are amazing cooks and provided a "snack" feast for a few neighbors one night.

The grilled chicken legs (full size, not appetizer size...) were amazing - when I asked what was in the rub - I got this sent to me the next day!

OK! Noted! No measurements, but now the secret is out. It was the best. Yes, I ate two of the legs, and a bunch of other items. The other mentionable treat was a Hood River Cherry Company Chutney on soft cheese on a cracker. Heaven in a bite.

We talked story, caught up, swapped neighborhood news, laughed and just watched the sunset for our nightly entertainment.

Then one neighbor asked the hostess, "What's for dessert?" I think I remember the response of "Nothing!" There was an audible gasp from the guest- slapping his forehead saying, "I've forgot it! I have been watching this mango all week on the tree hoping it would be perfect for tonight and I forgot to pick it. I'll be right back!" Off he went to pick dessert.

Armed with a kitchen machete, he went for it....

The mango was still warm from the sunny day, sweet as sweet as can be. If you have never had a fully ripe perfect Hayden variety Mango right off the tree, you are missing out on one of the wonders of the world. I kid you not. As we drooled and ooohed and awwed, he expertly separate the flesh from the peel and passed the slices around.

Dessert was served!


#Pupus on #Maui served with a #mauisunset, #Fabulous food, #Grilled chicken, #Hoodrivercherrycompany chutney and an truly #homegrown #dessert a Just picked #mango. Local fun with #friends.

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