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Triathlon Maui Style

One of my walking buddies and I decided we needed to "mix up the walking the neighborhood routine" a bit. Many in our group were either off island (yeah- grandbabies!, plus paternal recovery-help post-surgery, and weddings...) or back on island but sequestered in the famous Maui 14 day quarantine. (We take that quarantine very seriously here...) So our idea was to make our own version of a triathlon! Bike, Run, Swim. OK !

Bike = drive the car to the beach! I know...lazy, lazy....

Run = Brisk walk on the beach! And we are limbering up- this is my buddie Kym. We are loving the empty beach- one boogie boarder out there....three lengths of the beach is about 2 miles. That's good enough! Don't want to overdo a good thing.

Isn't Big Beach Makena State Park amazing? The surf was actually too high for us to want to swim there. Getting in the water through the surf is ok, but timing the waves getting out can be tricky. Neither one of us felt like getting slammed on the shore (Kym shared her story of almost getting crushed with the waves) These photos don't do the surf justice.

Swim = Dog paddle, side swim, back stroke and crawl across the little bay of Maluaka Beach, a neighboring beach. My fitbit gave us credit for about 1500 yards.

This is the view standing on the south end, white dot is the fisherman on the rocks and Molokini in the distance.

The painting below captured the breadth of the bay best - painted on location at a different time.

Then the cool down is a chat, AKA talk story time as we treaded water for another 15 minutes or so. I learned a lot about my buddie and amazing things we had in common. We both had a farm life, St. Bernard dogs as children, and collected critters!

Here's me with my two St. Bernard puppies. I think I was 7-8.

And Kym with hers and icicle sticks!

She collected and loved critters just as did I. Here she is with her pet raccoon.

And me with my pet mink- Charlie (I grew up on a mink farm in northern Michigan)

One final story together - we were drawn to Maui and are both artists. I paint canvas, she paints people as a make up artist - brides and local - living celebrities are her forte!

Here she is posing for a magazine shoot promoting her makeup talents and make-up line: Kymberly Marr Cosmetics.

And of course you know me in my signature hat dreaming about the next sunset painting....

Take-away from the day - connect! Get some sun, fun, exercise and chill out. Take time to talk story, it is a Maui tradition after all. You never can tell what you may learn.


An unconventional #triathlon #MauiStyle with a final #warmdown #talkstory time filled with #raccoons, #mink, and #StBernards. And you may also find the best #Maui #lipstick and #mascara on the #planet, formulated for Maui.

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