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Sunday Beach Walk - Maui Style

My husband and I love to walk the south Maui Makena Beaches, especially during this quiet time on the island. We'll never see it like this again as long as we can get COVID under control. There was a south swell starting, we could hear it from our home and studio as the waves crashed into the shore and rocks.

I thought I'd give you a tour!

The 5 Graves beach access, Makena, is near a small family plot, and has a spit of rock jutting out making a great spot for

crashing waves. This is where we started our walk.

We continued on to Makena Landing, my favorite spot to catch some local Honu napping for my paintings.

Not today- this photo was from a calmer day where they rest and bask on the shore.

I captured some of the walk for you to enjoy- and next time I'll get my finger out of the way...!

This painting "Maluaka Maui- Morning Magic" (20" x 24") was the product of a series of those walks. The Kai Kanani Sailboat is at the mooring awaiting the return of the the visitors. The rocky coves are home to a myriad of fish and sealife, and the West Maui Mountains complete the northward view from the beach.

I hope you took a minute to breathe and enjoy the video- and I hope you had a wonderful Sunday.



Diane shared her #Beachwalk at #Makena #beaches on a #highsurf day in June, showcasing where she gets her #oilpainting #inspirations along the #Maui #coast.

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