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#socialdistance #corona

What? No way! I'm an artist, I talk to people, I hug aloha....but not right now apparently. You all know about the coronavirus so I don't need to tell ya. So I'm home, not at my shows or arts festivals, still trying to show my work and creating happy customers. And it is RAINING.

So what is a plein air artist to do? I work outside on location around a bunch of people watching me paint.....

First- I love paints and blank canvases- I've been stocking up for years! Can't go to the store? No problem! I've got that. I prep a fresh pallet of paint ...

....and go to my ipad for that memorable sunset from Dec. 20, 2019. Were you on the island that day? Search your photos by that date if you can and you will be amazed. It was one of the most unique sunsets ever. Like something out of your Crayola 64 box- really! No filters or touch up here. View from my studio- panorama setting on iphone 11 pro.

Crank up the classic rock and get some big brushes out and get going with some great goopy paint. I work in socks that stay in the studio due to paint transfer from the floor...ooops. This is a 20 x 40 canvas.

I think you can see where this is going. Then the need for fresh air wins and off I go to have a cup of tea or a beer/wine/martini- depending on the days work... and chat with Boomer, one of my cats. He patiently listens while I tell him of my latest challenge. Yes, its tough, isolated on a tiny island in the middle of nowhere Pacific Ocean. Not.

I work in 2-3 hour blocks of time. I always stop for sunset. They often surprise you even on a rainy day- what was a gray day yesterday became this! Photo from @NancyFritzen on Facebook. Frankly I missed it cleaning brushes.

Can I paint day after day...yes I can. Its akin to meditation for me, so this is kind of a treat. On breaks I chatted with the kids by video messenger, my sis, my BFF, when I needed a break. Checking in to see how everyone was doing, even fitting in a few Scrabble games with sis. Oh!! and I bought an Instantpot on Amazon and had it delivered. Amazing kitchen tool! We have split pea soup for these cloudy raining days...super fast. But I digress. I'm making progress on the sunset to be remembered!

I'll post the final painting soon, it's a work in progress.....what do you think so far?

#Maui #artist a week in the life of a #pleinairpainter with #socialdistance maintained due to #coronavirus restrictions with no #mauiart festivals. Creating an #amazingsunset #mauiclassicsunset #luckywelivemaui for her #artcollectors.

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