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Seeking Cool Fall Color

We returned to Maui from our Midwest/Chicago trip and it was still hot! So we decided we needed to catch some NW USA color and visit the "other kids" in the cool, damp Washington state weather.

Best color we saw was along the Columbia River while we had dinner. It was was captured in the sunset. The trees had really not started turning yet. A nearby forest fire tinged the sky orange from the smoke. Some smoke was visible as the paddle boats went by. You can see the smoky haze in the distance.

And as for the cool was mid 80's! What? In October? The locals were calling it " Aug-tober"

since it was still so hot. We sat along the river to catch the breeze, check out the blossoms and the new restaurants.

We found a great one called The Cove, recommended by our son's friends.

Since our travels always incorporate finding great food and enjoying old favorites, we got to Little Conejo for our street taco fix.

A half dozen craft breweries can be found in each block of downtown Vancouver - I swear!...... And that adds on the calories, so we hike. We hit the woods near Salmon Creek and enjoyed the feeling of fall, if not the color.

We checked out all the art galleries, pitched us hosting a rainy February Tropical Maui Art Exhibit (my art) as a "getaway " in the area.

Another side trip was the Japanese Gardens in Portland. A tranquil spot where they show 500 year old Bonsai, a multitude of ponds with Japanese Maples that are more sculptures than trees. Next to the Japanese Gardens is the International Rose Test Garden where there are more fragrant roses per square inch than I have ever seen. Every color and petal arrangement was found. I found my "fall color" in an unlikely spot.

Of course our favorite view in the gardens was of my son and his wife enjoying the bridge and pond. A future painting? I think so!


Getting away from #Maui heat with a #familyvisit in #Vancouver to see some #Fallcolor, and find some new #greatdining while enjoying the past favorite #LittleConejo. #Portland has some neat gardens we don't see on Maui, #InternationalRose and #Japanesegardens.

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