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Runs In The Family!

My parent's relatives are very few in number these days. I lost touch with many since we moved away when I was young. I moved, they moved, some passed away, we were very different in ages.....etc.

I'm happy to say in the past couple years I reconnected with my second cousins! How? The miracle of Google.

My favorite uncle was Nick Zrolka, the fireman painter/artist who taught me a lot about art and painting.

You can read about him here. His kids had kids, and when these grandkids searched on his name to reference his art, my website came up and we got reacquainted. Tracey is active with dog rescue and Tia is a foodie, just like me!

Art and food. A great connection. Tia introduced me to something we don't have access to here on Maui, Epicure.

These are meal packets, to make "Good Food. Real Fast" with the recipe on the back and the seasonings are inside. You prep and add a few fresh ingredients and you have a meal fresher, faster and tastier than take-out in about the same amount of time. She treated me to some of her favorites and sent them to Maui for me to try. I love them!

I never heard of this dish called "African Sweet Potato Stew", and here were the seasonings I needed. I had to add almond milk (since I don't like coconut milk...go figure Maui girl...) ground turkey (vegans can use tofu or black beans), crunchy peanut butter, some canned tomato puree and a yellow sweet potato. Oh and some fresh cilantro for serving on top. No chopping, no million ingredients or rare spices you only use once, and best of all no gluten and no additives- all natural.

I promised her I'd make it and send her my thoughts with photos. It was so thoughtful of her to get to know me through our love of food. Trying something new in these quarantine days is fun!

In progress snapshot plus the tasty finished product, fast and easy. I will make this again.

Want to try it? Shop on line with Tia!

I have one more meal packet to make and report on! Looking forward to it! Asian Lettuce Wraps here I come.... next week.


#artist and #foodie #painterofparadise reconnects with second cousins over #epicure and lost art by #NickZrolka as seen on the #JohnKendall #Detroit where he was the #fireboat #captain.

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