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Quarantine extended again- Now Oct. 1

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Its been a LOOONNNGGGGG 6 months of restricted ...doing anything! But the beaches are open, thank you for that. BUT if Maui can't keep the number of new cases down, there will be more curtailed activities. Oahu just closed their beaches and gatherings of any kind discouraged. We can't have tents or umbrellas larger than 6 feet for social gathering.

So what's like like quarantines in paradise? Many of you ask me that, or wish they were here. You've seen my cocktails, geckos, cooking, and exercise antics. Day to day? We get groceries delivered occasionally, I still go to the store once every two weeks. We get Maui Hopper to deliver take out when I'm sick of cooking. And I pick up fresh veggies from the Maui Food Hub- buying direct from the farmers- the farmers that were supplying all the CLOSED restaurants. Food needs to get from the farms upcountry to the people and it's a wonderful new non-profit service.

This is me- I decided I did not want to be indoors in a salon- so the salon comes to me every 6 weeks! On the deck- out in the breeze- with masks and hand sanitizer. Salons are open again but why go when this is such a pleasant way to do it? Now I just need a mobile pedicure and I'll be all set.

I also take a zillion photographs. These doves were cooing so sweetly this morning that I had to try a video or photo. Who does not want to wake up like this? But-of course it is 5:45 AM. Blessing or curse- it's up to the listener! (I happen to love it. I don't want to waste a moment of living in Maui).

Then it's time to get up and ready for a walk with the neighborhood ladies. Along the way is the "Love Shack"- a condo of Lovebirds- this is a fraction of them residing in the "grass skirt" of an untrimmed palm tree. The dried fronds that droop down make a cozy home. They are social and chirp away, so cheerful in the morning. All kinds of colors! I love the gray to yellow hued ones- they are so vivid in the green trees. This group is mostly green-turquoise with pinky-peach faces. They posed for a second- trying to figure out what I was doing....

As I worked my way back up the "hill of" a driveway we have, I spotted a newly blooming bromeliad in the garden. They transplanted well during the house remodel. An easy plant. My kind of plant.

It blooms once, shoots off some 'pups' and then they bloom making the plantings thicker. Thrives in rocky soil...and neglect. Perfect! More time to paint!

Having lots of studio time has really been a blessing. I paint almost daily, and if I go more than three days without a paint brush in my hand I get grumpy.

Here's the latest oil- in its stages, "Tide's Going Upstairs" 12 x 36 inches.


#Mauiartist #dianesnoeyappler picked another #COVID19 #DayinParadise to share with her followers; #Hoppermaui, #hauihub, #Naked_Gypsysoul her hair dresser, #lovebirds and #Bromeliads. And of course the latest #originaloilpainting, #largecanvas of #secretbeach aka #makenacove.

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