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Old School and New School Cocktails!

Let me first say I almost don't want to tell you about this place. But wait... I did under my secret dining spots.... but I did not really elaborate on the details as to why... so shhh... just for my close personal friends that you are.....

Ok, now the second thing I want you to know is this is a revew after a "few" trips, not just one...otherwise I'd be stumbling over to an Uber....

You are greeted by the orchid wall in the portico and then on the massive and amazingly creative flower arrangements in the lobby. This is just one show stopper I have seen in my dozens of times coming to the Four Seasons. A hanging variety of Heliconia and a variegated anthurium.

Smell the flowers, walk in, take a quick right and a quick left and you are in the Lobby Lounge. When you see this view you know you have arrived.

I ordered my favorite Grapefruit Basil Martini and Chris added his personal flair to it. Thank goodness I remembered to take its portrait before I finished it.

Chris and Shawn have been tending the bar in the lounge for many years and are the most exacting and entertaining professional bartenders we have ever met.

Shawn has been dreaming up his next drink for a local competition and maybe even for his upcoming nuptials. This pink dream he calls "Nimbus Hibiscus" with a candied Hibiscus flower as the tasty garnish.

Smooth and creamy with a sweet flowery tang. Can't tell you what the spirit was he used, could not tell- it just all blended so well.

Chris actually devours bartending books- creative and classic cocktails with a history behind them. Here is the "Swizzle"...

All layered just so with the juices to give it a great glow in the sunset- topped with pineapple and mint sprig.

It was the anniversary of our first date, my hubby and I, so we splurged on the sushi platter, flavorful and unique combinations of sushi, rolls and sauces. It was glowing!

Chris gave us a taste of the various forms of Chartreuse, some of which he used in the various drinks, and never to allow us to go away without an other creation, he has these tiny martini glasses that he pulls out and makes us just a sip of a drink called "Champs Elysees" featuring two French spirits, Cognac and Chartreuse.

Aromatic and citrusy with earthy undertones, it was a hit. I enjoyed the citrus nose.

So we sit there and are completely entertained by these superior mixologists, getting cool drinks for us and a story to go with them. While this is going on, these guys are each mixing about 50 drinks an hour for the other guests in the lobby lounge. Without a hiccup... All while telling us the story of them. What a treat.

Now the snowy treasure is called a "White Lotus" after the HBO show filmed on this spot.

Shawn used a tiny clothes pin to secure the white orchid to the rim. It was frothy and a hint of vanilla, maybe lavender? I don't know I only know it was my favorite.

Sip, relax, and enjoy the flowers surrounding you. Be entertained with some classic cocktails and some first time creations. And the finale?

The sunset. and as always, I don't make these up- I don't have to!


#Maui #Magic in a #cocktail, #whitelotus was my favorite. #oldschool or new school, it's always fantastic at the #FSMAUI #fourseasons, including the #sunset.

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