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A couple weeks ago, Kathy, the store owner of Kathy's Impressions on ETSY

contacted me to acquire a few of my painting images to add to her fabric site. Curious, I looked at her site and saw a wonderful selection of tropical - and Hawaiian specifically - inspired patterns in fabric squares! Full of aloha! Perfect for quilting, baby items or home projects. I also thought we could be a great match and we worked together to get them transferred to her and her site. "Let's start with a dozen or so, we'll see how they fare" Kathy said.

News! We had the first sale yesterday, only a week after launching! Guess which one? Easy - my most popular tiny painting "Honu Keiki" or Sea Turtle Babies.

Kathy has the file printed on lovely fabric and then she cuts all the squares apart, irons it,

as the fabric prints somewhat crooked in its original form- who knew?

The shipper is ready with its turtle design and off go my turtles to Colorado! Look at the fine details in the fabric, this is really wonderful printing.

I wonder if I'll get to see what is made with these turtles? Maybe the buyer will find me!

Then Kathy and I got to talking. She said she really wanted to have a traditional Hawaiian "Shave Ice" image for her site. I said, I can do that! I never thought about painting one but I could. I always like a challenge.

I grabbed a 5x5 canvas and got out my brightest colors of oil paint and went to work.

Question was, how do I make it even more interesting? What is it like to eat and enjoy a shave ice? Many times... it's messy! And so cold you get a brain-freeze.

The painting was born! Icy crystals reflecting the light and a drip going over the edge and continuing where's my spoon?

"Falling Through the Cracks" was provided to Kathy - and she loved it! Her husband saw it, said it made his mouth water.... I posted the painting on my website and social media as soon as I put the brush down. In an hour - sold. (I have since painted another one, and have giclee prints available.)

Looking for unique fabric for a special project? Look no further! Kathy's Impressions.


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