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Maui is a Staycation Paradise

"Where do you vacation when you already live on Maui Island?" I'm asked this all the time. It could be a problem, but it's not. We just go to the other side of the island! And why is it a vacation? Because we usually don't go and just linger, we have errands to run and paintings to paint. But sometimes, we stay. Yep. We get to enjoy all the things you do when you are here on vacation.

To help us "justify" it, we buy silent auction items for local charitable groups and that way we support the community and we get a treat! This time we supported a kids athletic group cause and took ourselves to Lahaina / Ka'anapali / Kapalua. Let me share our tour!

If you recognize this spot, you know my favorite burger spot. Burger Shack at the Ritz. First stop for lunch is here, in Kapalua at Dt Fleming Beach with 14 ft. crashing seas just beyond the table; and at the table? Me sharing a Jack Daniels Milkshake. If you have never had one, really don't knock it! My first taste was bacon, whipped