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How Does She Do That?

I typically paint at my art exhibits- its fun for me and my collectors who come to watch. When I am at the Wailea Beach Resort, guests come and go all day and stop by to see the progress. "We'll be back after lunch and see how far along you are..." is a typical phrase. And they do.

Below I'm starting the scene of "Blue Fence at Kapalua Bay" working from my photos and sketches.

(One of the photo contest entries from last year was a snapshot from that spot, I loved it, it did not win the contest, but I kept it to remind me to get there and paint it.) (Sold but reproductions are available)

Most of the time in the hotel, I'm painting pretty slow- I stop to chat with onlookers, explain my process to the kids and adults alike, describe what I'm planning to paint in next. If you've met me at the resort, this looks familiar! At home in my studio I can make a concentrated effort to finish section of my work in one sitting- important to do with larger pieces.

I decided to do some time lapse videos as I'm working this week on a new painting (12 x 36) I've never watched myself paint! I'm going to include a few segments on my website if you want to check them out as I work toward the completion of it this week. See VIDEO Tab.