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Got 'Em Hitched

Yes! We had a COVID - safe - outdoor - backyard - all vaccinated - wedding. My son Nick (AKA Boy Nick) and his new wife Nicole (AKA Girl Nick) are now hitched in Vancouver, WA.

They even involved the moms. Note the ladies behind the bride dressed in coral: tall one is Girl Nick's mom, and short one is me, Boy Nick's mom. We were ordained and performed the ceremony. Thank goodness if painting does not work out ( ha!) I have a trade to fall back on- I'm even ordained and licensed in Hawaii...! I was honored to be asked.

First dance was to James Brown's rendition of "I Feel Good!" with confetti cannons blasting!

I have some pictures I can work from to give them a painted wedding present after the fact - I could not paint, talk, make a speech, tell jokes and do a wedding all at the same time so the painting had to wait.

I've got two more sons to marry off....keep me in mind for your ladies....Justin on the far left and Rick on the far right. Me, my husband John and John's Bro Joe in the middle (we are taken). Great selfie shot by Justin.

It was a magical night and an epic party. Congratulations Nicks!


Planning a #wedding in #Covid times was a #challenge to #besafe and #havefun. #August14 #Nailedit.

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