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Glimpse of 1000 Mile Vacation

Vacation gave me a chance to practice my driving - at 70 miles an hour while being passed by double trailer trucks on a highway under construction, passing through massive corn and soybean fields and a summer rain, wind and hail storm. (Driving vacation- an oxymoron. Typically I drive 55 once a month for about 10 miles when going upcountry.) But it was a big change of scenery.

We wanted to catch up with family and friends and it was worth it!

We took a few days to acclimate to the time zone change in Lake Geneva Wisconsin, enjoyed a lake boat tour with Capt. Dan and admired the green lawns.

Dined at Pier 29 for an anniversary dinner on the water watching the boats come an go as the sun set. Efficient, friendly staff and delicious food started with a perfect Martini and topped off by a peach cobbler.

After one afternoon's hike we took in the local Baptist Church...converted to a brewery. Topsy Turvy was an experience. Great beers and ciders while surrounded by arching stained glass windows! It was hot enough to want a cold one! I think I heard angels........

Growing up in the Midwest and living in the country on a small inland lake, it was like a journey back in time to walk the path around the lake and just watch the boats go by. All I needed was to find a canoe and a yellow Labrador.

Fun times continued with reconnecting with old friends and family as we meandered through Chicago, Kalamazoo, Holland and Ida, Michigan, and Toledo.

We also reconnected with Chipotle - OMG sooo missed! AND BJs Brewhouse for pizza. Enjoyed family dinners with fresh picked corn, and tomatoes still warm from the sun...

Last stop was the hills of Pennsylvania visiting another friend nicknamed "Mongo" who wondered why I wanted the car to stop so I could take a photo of just a corn know me and sunsets! Can't resist!

Lasting memories and a 4 lb. weight gain.....



#Lakegeneva #Wisconsin is a long way from #Maui but is another slice of our #lovely #country, especially fun with a sense of humor @ #topsyturveybrewery. #1000miles of #cornfields, fun, family and friends. This is just a small taste of my #artist on #vacation and answers the question "where do #mauians go for vacation? Answer: #chipotle #bjsbrewhouse #DSW #Genevalake #throwbacktour #cicadas #cornfields #soybeans #family and #friends.

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