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Covid-19 Quarantine, by Boomer (the cat) with Nicole Nissen Hooper, Ghostwriter.

April 1, 2020. These are very interesting times....very strange time in the life of the Maui cat.

The two authorities have not left the compound in several days. I am becoming suspicious of their motives.

My water dish has been moved…twice.

I would fear war with the authorities but my food continues to be wet as a sign of respect to my rule of the compound.

They must wisely fear defeat.

Perhaps they have finally discovered the pointlessness that is beyond the walls of the compound. I’ve always thought the authorizes had gone mad when they return to the compound wet from swimming with small aquatic creatures that are imprisoned by the confines of liquid… small fish, large bus sized fish, and medium fish with shells. Don’t the authorities understand that digital fish are so much better to play with for the simple reason your fur does not become moist? Yuck.

The shorter authority has become entranced with odd smelling thick water dots and cloth rectangles. Occasionally I will even observe the short authority putting the bad smelling goo on the rectangles and smearing it around with furry sticks.

I am concerned for her sanity.

I am comforted as night begins to rise and the authorities return to routine. All the occupants of my compound find their ways to my balcony to watch the sky colors bloom.

As the colors change to darkness I leave the authorities to meet the immediate deadline of my seventh nap of the day.

Walking out of the room I look back at the short and tall authority. They laugh together and I wonder… where have they hidden the cat treats?

Alas, the quest will continue.....

#socialdistancing in the months of #covid19 or the #coronavirus keeps the owners home all day #oilpainting with occasional #beachwalking much to the chagrin on the #cat #catsonintagram. #painterofparadise is locked in paradise, but there are much worse places to be in #quarantine than #maui enjoying #mauisunsets. #Catsrule.

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