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Contest Winner Announced

Congratulations to Tricia Coe! Her photo of Keawakapu Beach was voted the top scene for me to paint. Here it is- looking northwest from the first turn of the beach.

My subscribers had nine to choose from when voting and all photos were winners- of course! They are of Maui! I'll use these images in the future as inspiration from my collectors. See to check out the competitors.

Every picture has a story - this is the spot - on one of these rocks- where her grandmother used to sit and watch the sunset with the waves lapping in. It was as far as she could go in her beach walk before she had to stop and rest. Many of us know this spot and enjoy the view. Its a vivid memory for her and her family.

So what's next? I had homework to do. I paint on location so I have to check out the beach scene and plan the painting to come. Last night I ventured out with my "corksicle" cup of chardonnay and started walking and examining the angles for the first sketches. Last night was not a calm night, but it was a lovely sunset with interesting clouds.

As I walked, I was lucky enough to not take my rubber slippahs off- I spotted a beach full of stinging visitors- blue Man-o-War (which were gone in the morning according to my friends.)

The evening colors were not the delicate pearly pinks and lavendar from the photo but the rocky outcroppings washed clean of the sand were my beacon. I found the spot. I sat on grandmother's rock and enjoyed the sun sinking into the clouds and the wet sand shining the last sun rays, thinking how to best put it all together into a great composition that will keep the memories fresh.

And here is the rock....

And here is my view....

I love the water ripples and the shimmering sand reflecting the sky. I have my landmarks of Lanai in the distance on the left and the West Maui mountains in front of me with the Mana Kai in the distance. Now it's time to get to work sketching and painting in the pearly sunset.


#DianeSnoeyAppler hosts an annual best #Maui #photo #contest for her art followers to submit and vote for the best one. The winning photo is painted and this year's winner is of #KeawakapuBeach at #sunset with the #WestMauiMountains, #Lanai, and the #ManaKai #resort in the view and light #reflections in the #wetsand.

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Diane Snoey Appler
Diane Snoey Appler
Oct 18, 2021

Diane Snoey Appler
Diane Snoey Appler
Oct 18, 2021
Replying to

I had a chance to meet the family in person last night! What a delight! It’s always grand to meet a close, loving family- the kids gifted the painting to the parents !

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