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I See Picasso in the Banyan Tree!

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

People wonder where I get my inspirations for my work.

----They come up in the most random places!

Example: Sitting in Ceret France, a medieval village, I'm surrounded with scenes that the great impressionists painted. Many artists are commemorated around the town with plaques that have the actual scene in view with a photo of the painting inspired by this view.

Maurice Loutreuil, Ceret

I was sketching the same cobblestone streets and Plane Trees (in America, Sycamores) that Picasso, Cezanne and Matisse captured in many works while summering here.

Ceret France in Cherry Season

And what better place to sit and sketch than at the "Bar Le Pablo", sidewalk cafe in Ceret.

Bar Le Pablo Ceret France

The tabletops are made with Picasso sketches on them, and this was ours. When visiting the local Picasso ceramic museum more of the feminine shapes emerged as part of his theme over the years. One day in Lahaina while painting, my view took in a section of the Banyan tree. The aerial roots and branches make up amazing shapes but one stood out to me....

And a painting was conceived and executed 'en plein air' while I enjoyed its shade.

I see Picasso in the Banyan Tree oil painting by Diane Snoey Appler

"I See Picasso In The Banyan Tree" 8 x 10, Oil on stretched canvas.

Every painting I do has a story and a reason why I painted it!

This one had me remembering a few delightful weeks of vacation in France that my husband and I did (on more than one occasion!) in a little town called Ceret. We visited close friends and enjoyed the countryside and vineyards on bikes. Our reward.......?

Chateau Ceret France with vineyards

......Resting at the "Pablo" with a "vin blanc".

Next time you see my exhibit- ask me the painting's story! And I''ll ask you what does it mean to you? Hopefully it will be "what a great time I had in Maui and can't wait to come back. Your painting reminds me of that every time I look at it".


Enjoying the #BanyanTree at #Lahaina #Harbor. #PablePicasso loved to summer here.

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