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Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Reflecting on Keawakapu

Heading for Starbuck's he turned and stopped. He looked intently at this painting and then at me. "You painted this?" Yes, I said, I'm the artist. "This looks like the view from my window". Apparently it was, as I had been painting near the end of the sidewalk at Keawakapu on the beach, painting in the fading light, just a glimmer of a mauve sunset that night. He had a house nearby.

"My decorator will be in touch, I'd really like (to have I thought he said..) that painting" A curious statement since he could buy it on the spot, after his latte. But in a few weeks I got a call.

Long story made short, he wanted it for a new residence he bought and was having decorated. This custom original oil painting took two months and was a significantly bigger size at 30" x 40" vs. the original which was a plein air study of 9" x 12". Here is the final version below:

Reflections on Keawakapu Beach

Frankly, I hated to see it leave my living room where it was safely drying. But now seeing it in place enhancing the environment of all who enter that room...well, it's a sight to behold and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to create this work of art.

I learned a lot with this oil painting. Make a change in paint vendors for a particular color and the tone shifts; different styles of canvas, the surface takes the paint differently.

No matter how you try to copy an oil painting, they will always be original and stand alone- that's the beauty of an original piece of art.

The small study will be submitted to local Maui art exhibit for viewing and hopefully be selected for broad display.

Mahalo- Maui no ka oi!

Another beautiful day at #KeawakapuBeach just before #Sunset I enjoyed the #wetsand on my toes and the #waves crashing to the shoreline, reaching the #palmtrees. Just another example of #Maui #reflections.

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