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Written in the Stars!

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

A couple came by my exhibit a few months ago and fell in love with "Lagoon at Sunset- Wailea". As many people do, they took my info and said they had to think about it. I contacted them later after they thought about this painting that captured the essence of tropical evenings for them.

Deep blues, calm reflections in the water with barely a whisper of wind to ripple the waters. It would be a great reminder of the tranquil vacation they just spent in Maui. They were sad when I told them the original oil painting had sold, BUT were surprised to learn the painting they saw and LOVED was not the original but one of my limited edition giclee on stretched canvas. They soon discovered limited editions were originals as well in a different way and came at a more affordable price than the original oil painting.

We discussed what they loved in the painting over the phone. I explained the process for creating a reproduction that was again a true original for them with my enhancements of limited editions, repainting sections with oil paint. We worked together to customize a painting to their special vision of paradise! We teased out exactly what they wanted, and I delivered. "Lagoon at Sunset- Wailea" Limited Edition 2/50 was sold to this creative couple- and what was their requested unique customization...?

The stars in the sky are their Zodiac sign constellations- Leo and Aries- which also twinkle in the reflecting pond (with a little Venus thrown in). They were married in Maui many years past and now have a lasting treasure to enjoy for decades to come as they celebrate their anniversaries.

They truly own an original-made just for them.

Let me make one for you.

If you have never seen the #sunset in #Wailea, then you don't know paradise. Check out this original #Hawaiian #oil #painting and more on my website at:

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