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Just Maui'd!

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

"Just Maui'd!" in Maui, Hawaii describes the happy couples getting married here, many along the beach near sunset. I'll walk by two or three couples on any given day having small wedding ceremonies. This specific evening in June, I set up to paint on Keawekapu Beach seeing the clouds arranging themselves into what I hoped would be a stellar sunset.

Keawekapu Beach

It was a warm, tropical dusk, the sun slowly sinking. I mixed paint and quickly sketched the composition. I loved the way the clouds were haloed by the bright sun's rays and I wanted to grab the colors and shapes before they faded.

Just Maui'd in Progress

To my left, I spied a couple who had just made their vows, accompanied by a minister and a photographer, silhouetted in the sunset.

stock photo couple
Real bouquet

A kiss...

...and then they walked off, dropping the bouquet in the sand and then leis on the rocks, dedicating them to the sea and sand to float into the waves.They were gone before I could get their names, I did not take their photo, hating to interrupt the moment. Maybe they will see this post and know they were my inspiration!

Just Maui'd completed
Just Maui'd details

"Just Maui'd" is a plein air oil on canvas board, and is 9 x 12 inches in its original size.

The original was purchased before I could complete the blog. A lucky couple snapped it up from under the Banyan Tree in Lahaina Maui Hawaii in July, the first showing after it was dry.

Close up of some details.

Limited edition giclee reproductions are available, and I can customize one for you! Get Maui'd!

Here is another beautiful #sunset at the #beach in #Hawaii #Maui after a #wedding

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