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Updated: Jan 26, 2020

I converse with gallery visitors about my art and I get questions about how I do the paintings plein air. I talk about the challenges- brushes dropped in the dirt, bug land in the "clouds", blowing sand, sunburn.... Some days the "issues" can't be overcome so I revert to the sketch pad and take some very specific photographs. The finished product comes out of the studio.

The beach at Wainee was deserted. I felt the warm breeze and fresh air and silence. Waves made some noise, but the big crashing waves were in the distance. It was peaceful and refreshing. In the time I was there I saw maybe three people including a hand holding couple, walk by- yes, three people total.

Bleached coral was washed up on the sand in great chunks, and the wind was blowing, ok not blowing- howling! Set up an easel? No way. I got low on a beach chair, nestled behind a bit of dune and sketched away from my lap. I took a few photos of footprints left by the passersby, and headed home, a bit chilled after sitting still in the wind for so long. (Chilled in Maui, how could that be?- but it does happen.)

Back in the studio I set up, deciding on the size. I liked the size I sketched, and set to work to transform the blank canvas and drawing into the peaceful beach ( but windy..!) It took a few iterations with sand-shadow adjustments, but I think I caught the moment.

The result captured in 11 x 14 size: "Wainee Beach on a Wednesday"

If you enjoy the #peaceful #beaches in #Hawaii, then #Wainee #Beach is a must visit. Take home a piece of this paradise or other Maui locations on my website at:

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